Sunday, 21 August 2016

Holy s*%@... Brown Booby off Kerry coast

A photo posted on Facebook today is causing a massive stir among birders as it appears to show the first live record of a Brown Booby in Irish waters, apparently perched on a trawler a few miles off the Kerry coast in the last day or two.

Immature Brown Booby, "off the Kerry coast", date and time uncertain, but believed to be very recent (per Tim Squire's Facebook page).

This follows hot on the heels of the first Irish record, unfortunately of a tideline corpse, found by Ciaran Cronin on 2nd January this year at Owenahincha, Co. Cork (see post on Birdguides HERE.

Tideline corpse of an adult Brown Booby, Owenahincha, Co. Cork, 2nd January 2016 (from birdguides)

More on this as we get it.