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Miscellaneous Kerry rarities, before Jan 1st 2010 (pre blog)

Below, a selection of images and video of rare birds from Co. Kerry over the years. Arranged chronologically, most recent at the top of the page.
Glossy Ibis, near Ballyferriter, October 2009 (M.O'Clery). The original flock of eleven soon became ten, and then an injured bird disappeared after a few days. Two birds were bearing rings, showing they were ringed as nestlings that summer in the Coto Donana in southern Spain.

Wilson's Petrel, off the Blasket Islands, 7th August 2009 (Eric Dempsey).

Adult Sabine's Gull, off the Blasket Islands, 7th August 2009 (Anthony McGeehan).

Great Shearwater, west of the Blasket Islands, 7th August 2009 (Eric Dempsey).

Juvenile (left) and sub-adult Long-tailed Skuasoff the Blasket Islands, 7th August 2009 (Anthony McGeehan).

Caspian Tern, Blennerville, Tralee, 1st July 2009. The ninth Irish record (D.Farrar).

Barred Warbler, Coumeenoole, 11th September 2008 (Ian Jones). The long-awaited first Kerry record, despite, at the time, some 130 records for the rest of Ireland.

American Golden Plover, Carrahane, September 2008 (Ian Jones).

Cattle Egret, near Trabeg, Dingle Peninsula, January 2008 (M.O'Clery).

Cattle Egret, Ballydavid (about 10km to the west of the bird seen near Trabeg, above. Both birds stayed several weks), Dingle Peninsula, January 2008 (M.O'Clery).

Bonaparte's Gull, Fahamore, near Castlegregory, October 2006. The fourth Kerry record, and the second for the Dingle Peninsula, following one at Inch just days before (M.O'Clery).

Juvenile Stilt Sandpiper, Burnham Lagoon, September 2003 (Ian Jones). The eleventh Irish record, but only the third in juvenile plumage.

Juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper, Baile an Reannaigh lagoon, September 2003 (Ian Jones). One of four present at the lagoon in mid-September.

Lesser Yellowlegs, Baile an Reannaigh, Dingle Peninsula, 3rd November 2003. The bird stayed until 9th (M.O'Clery).

Alpine Swift, Brandon Point, Dingle Peninsula, 10th June 2003. The bird reappeared, on and off, for a week. The third Kerry record (M.O'Clery).

White Stork, near Reenard, Caherciveen, December 2003. The first Kerry record and the 29th for Ireland (M.O'Clery).

White Stork, near Reenard, Caherciveen, December 2003 (M.O'Clery).

Adult Rose-coloured Starling, near Clogher Head, July 2002 (M.O'Clery). Three adults were initially seen together at this location, on 17th July, with one staying for ten days. The fifth record for Kerry, though some 30 birds were seen throughout Ireland around the same time.

One of the few photos of the Sociable Plover, found by Frank King at Blennerville in  late 1985. Although the bird stayed several weeks, it was often elusive.

More to follow...