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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Record numbers of Whimbrel

Whimbrel, Ballinskelligs Bay, 26th April (Pat McDaid).

Large flock of Whimbrel, Ballinskelligs Bay, 26th April (Pat McDaid). At least 400 Whimbrel were present in and around Reenroe, Ballinskelligs Bay. While birds have been recorded in every month in Kerry, there is a distinct late April peak, with flocks of 30 or more not too unusual at certain 'hotspots' such as Ventry (where up to 80 birds have been seen in April). However, the largest previous Kerry flock on record was of 250 at Waterville on 22nd April 2008. Pat reports that at least 400 and possibly 500 or more Whimbrel were present on the beaches to the west side of Ballinskelligs Bay – a new Kerry record. The Reenroe area is also a reliable spot for seeing Whimbrel in winter.