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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Five Glaucs on one small beach

Five Glaucous gulls were seen today on one small beach at Ferriter's Cove, two adults, a third year and two first-winters. 

This winter is proving to be an extraordinary one for 'northern gulls' such as Glaucous, Iceland and Kumlien's Gull (and of course the recent Ivory Gull at Cromane). With the storms set to continue for the foreseeable perhaps we will see even more?

Third year Glaucous Gull, Ferriter's Cove, 6th February 2014 (M. O'Clery).

This bird was fiercely territorial on this one small area of beach where a dead Conger Eel had washed up, defending it even from a surrounding gallery of a dozen Great Black-backed Gulls.

Adult and first-winter Glaucous Gulls, Ferriter's Cove, 6th February 2014 (M. O'Clery).

The two Kumlien's Gulls were still at Dingle Harbour, but I think we've seen enough photos of those.