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Monday, 27 July 2015

Dangerous Gulls run rampant in Kerry

There has been a recent series of reports concerning serious attacks by ‘giant seagulls’ in Co. Kerry. One incident, reported in the online version of the Irish Times last week and widely reported in the national media, revealed that a ‘giant seagull’ had attacked a motorbike rider, near Caherciveen, in a ’Stuka-bomber-like attack’. Another claim was that several sheep were attacked and killed by marauding gangs of killer gulls near Anascaul.

Killer Gull

Following the media attention, further details are now emerging of a whole series of other dangerous incidents caused by gulls in Kerry in the past week…

• A Great Black-backed Gull was reported on Wednesday to have ordered a full dinner, two lattes and a pint of Guinness at Sammy’s Cafe at Inch, then left - without paying.

• On Sunday, in Listowel, two Black-headed Gulls were reported to have accosted and threatened an elderly gentleman into revealing his pin number.

• Gardai reported that, at some time on Tuesday evening last, an out-of-control flock of Lesser Black-backed Gulls broke into three holiday homes in Castlegregory, stealing all the canned sardines and hiding the batteries from the TV remote control.

• And, in a more sinister development, a second year Common Gull at Blennerville on Thursday swooped down and stole a mobile phone from the very hand of a pram-pushing mother of three and, not only used up all her credit on a gambling website, but also deleted several really useful apps, before dropping it into the canal.

The Healey-Raes were quick to jump on the bandw… comment, stating, “Particularly in light of the recent referendum, we believe there should be no discrimination in Kerry, so we will be proposing a cull of ALL seagulls, of whatever species, giant or little.”

Not a moment too soon. Be careful people. It’s dangerous out there.