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Monday, 30 November 2015

Black Brant, The Trench

Adult Black Brant (left), 'The Trench', Sandy Bay, 30th November 2015 (Michael O'Clery). 

Adult Black Brant, 'The Trench', Sandy Bay, 30th November 2015 (Michael O'Clery).

Two Black Brant were seen in Kerry earlier in the autumn, during the annual Brent Goose Survey, one at Barrow Harbour and one at the same time at Spa, near Fenit. As in previous years, the several thousand Brent Geese frequent those areas for the early part of the winter, dispersing more widely in Tralee Bay and beyond from mid-winter onwards. Numbers of Brent at Sandy Bay have increased greatly this past week and the flocks also now include at least one of the Brants.