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Thursday, 23 February 2017

White-tailed Sea Eagles latest

White-tailed Eagle (Jacob Spinks, WikiCommons).

The latest news on the White-tailed Sea Eagle re-introduction project is now available to download and makes fascinating reading, and there's plenty to interest the Kerry birder.

Three pairs nested and successfully raised chicks in Kerry in 2016 (near Killarney, on the Beara Peninsula and on the Iveragh Peninsula), as did two pairs in Galway and a single pair in Cork. The Iveragh pair was the first pair to nest in a Sitka Spruce in a commercial forest plantation.

Ten pairs held territory in Ireland in 2016. At least nine pairs built nests and laid eggs. For the second year since breeding in the wild began in 2012, more than one pair successfully fledged chicks: five pairs hatched chicks across four counties with four pairs fledging a single chick each and one pair fledging two chicks. Fantastic stuff, though there are dangers and uncertainty ahead. At least in 2016, for the first time, no White-tailed Eagles were found poisoned.

You can download the full PDF of the report HERE. 
(size is 1.4Mb, clicking the link will open a page with the PDF from which you can view it and download it).

With thanks to the author, Allan Mee.
If you see a White-tailed Eagle, be sure to let Allan know. All sightings are valuable.
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