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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dramatic day trip for a White-tailed Eagle

Many thanks to Allan Mee for showing us a recent dramatic day trip taken by a young White-tailed Eagle, across Dingle Bay. The bird, a female, was hatched in Killarney last summer, so is just less than a year old.

Map showing the route of the young female White-tailed Eagle on 23rd March 2017.

This voyage took place on 24th March, during a spell of magnificent, sunny, calm weather, perhaps offering the bird opportunities for soaring and gaining a bit of height on thermals for the crossing.

She was directly over the bay south of Dingle at 1200 on 24th, having crossed from the Iveragh Peninsula west of Kells. She then went north to the west side of Brandon Mountain at 1300, headed east, and then south-east, towards Inch at 1500 and was heading back south-south-west at 1600.

The initial bay crossing was about 14km in a straight line, the return journey across the bay a little shorter, but fantastic to be able to track this youngster as she explores the area around her.

Lots more on the Golden Eagle Trust website HERE.

With thanks to Allan Mee.