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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Seasonal South Kerry selection

Merlin, Bray Head, 16th November 2017 (Pat McDaid).

Black-necked Grebe, Ballinskelligs Bay, 22nd November 2017 (Pat McDaid).

Presumably the same bird has returned to this spot near Reen pier for its fourth winter.

Purple Sandpiper, Ballinskelligs Abbey, 22nd November 2017 (Pat McDaid).

A scarce bird anywhere south of Dingle Bay in Kerry, and only just annual in Ballinskelligs Bay.

Two Long-tailed Duck with Common Scoter, Reenroe, Ballinskelligs Bay, 25th November 2017 (Pat McDaid).

Chiffchaff, Reenroe, Ballinskelligs Bay, 26th November 2017 (Pat McDaid).

Several late/autumn/wintering Chiffchaff have been seen recently, though so far, only one tristris type the entire autumn, at Dunquin last week.

Surf Scoter, Ballinskelligs Bay, 27th November 2017 (Pat McDaid).

We tend to think of all plumages of Surf Scoter as all-dark - until they do this...

Marsh Harrier, Reenroe, 25th November 2017 (Pat McDaid).

Present at the Inny Estuary and surrounds for its sixth week now.

Surf Scoter, Ballinskelligs Bay, 27th November 2017 (Pat McDaid).