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Monday, 24 June 2013

Appeal for Long-eared Owl records

Long-eared Owl nest (Richard T.Mills)

The Duhallow and North East Kerry Raptor Conservation Projects are seeking ANY records of calling Long-eared Owl chicks, in Co. Kerry and NW Cork.

Few people will ever have seen a Long-eared Owl. Their secretive habits and the subtle call of adult birds can easily go unnoticed. However at this time of year, the young chicks start to call for food at dusk and often continue non-stop, all night. Their call can be extraordinarily loud and can carry for over a kilometre on a calm night. Have a listen to this recording and see how unmistakable it is...

We are just now receiving reports of calling chicks from a few sites around Ireland, 4 to 6 weeks later than in recent years.

If you hear one in the coming weeks, do please let us know.

Contact Michael O'Clery: 
Phone or text: 087 9711519. 

Some video of the ringing of a Long-eared Owl chick last summer can be seen on the Duhallow Raptor blog HERE