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Friday, 14 June 2013

Request for Kestrel sightings

Male Kestrel (Shay Connolly)

Michael O'Clery, working with the North and East Kerry Raptor Conservation Project has a special request...

"if you are out and about birding in the next few weeks, I'd be grateful if you could let me know of ANY Kestrel sightings, anywhere in north, central and east Kerry – everywhere in Kerry, north of a line from Killorglin to Farranfore to Rathmore."

"Most chicks are about to hatch, or have already done so, and males in particular are hunting throughout the day, but are generally hunting relatively close to the nest. So, if you do see a Kestrel, between now and early July, could you let me know? Be a huge help, and might help us locate a nest or two. They seem to be having a disastrous year so far with, eg, 21 nests inspected recently and only 8 showing signs of nesting.

"Thanks a million"

Michael O'Clery 
Text: 087 9711519