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Monday, 3 June 2013

First breeding of Greylag Geese in Kerry

Greylag Geese with goslings, south Kerry, 3rd June 2013 (Video: M.O'Clery).
Although there are feral populations of Greylag Geese scattered throughout Ireland they are scarce winter and autumn migrants in Kerry, with only a handful of May records, and no summer or breeding records. The two adults in the video above were defending 4 goslings from an overly curious lamb at a lake in south Kerry. 3 of the 4 chicks can just be seen walking through the rushes. The adults were unringed, fully winged and very wary. The first confirmed breeding of Greylag Geese in Co. Kerry, though local reports suggest birds may have been present and bred at this site for at least two years.